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Monday, September 26, 2022


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by Kerm Helmer
Collegiate Fever


Kerm Helmer
December 16, 2000

by Kerm Helmer

NCAA - “A Reality Check”

Anyone involved in athletics at the four-year collegiate level understands fully the importance of having their sport listed on the calendar of events by the NCAA. Anyone in bowling that doesn’t believe having the sport be a National Championship calendar of events activity on the NCAA schedule be important to the over all development of the sport is living in a fantasy world. They are not living in the real world of athletics. However, anyone in this sport of bowling believing the percentage of NCAA colleges currently offering basketball, soccer, volleyball and track will also offer bowling is also living in a fantasy world not the world of athletic reality.

If bowling was offered on the same number of campuses as basketball would it help the sport. Absolutely! No question! Forget the scholarship opportunities-just the fact “a coach”, a schedule, a practice routine, a chance to travel to a tournament in a bus or plane-even a quality large van, meds paid for, entry fees paid for, no more selling candy bars etc…, would entice many students moving up from YABA to the collegiate ranks to stay involved, to continue bowling at the college level. The media exposure, although limited in comparison to the major sports, would keep more kids bowling through their high school years. How many YABA members are 17-19 years of age right now? Not a very large number when compared to those still involved in basketball, soccer and volleyball.

Here is something for you to think about. In New York State how many quality women’s programs are offered at the four-year level? The answer – zero - zippo - notone! New York State has one of the finest, if not the finest high school programs in the nation complete with sectionals and a state championship. New York State has the biggest YABA membership in the nation. I sincerely believe there is enough talent from New York State attending non-bowling colleges within the state to win the National Collegiate Championship. Also where would some of the current national powers on both the men and women’s side be without New York State bowlers? Why! Why! Why!

The real world of athletics is: Athletic Directors are currently trying to financially justify what they already have to keep their existing programs going. Very few are looking to add sports, especially non-revenue producing sports to their calendar. I am sure somewhere out there is an Athletic Director who loves to bowl, but from a business stand point can’t justify adding another non-revenue producing sport.

So you ask what about Title IX. Yes, there are many colleges still not in compliance with Title IX. Yes, they are aware of their position. Yes, they will eventually add a women’s sport. Why not bowling you ask. You want the real world, here it is!


This article originally appeared in Spares & Strikes, a bowling newspaper serving the Greater Buffalo/  Western New York Area. It is reprinted here with the permission of the author.