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Sunday, September 25, 2022


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by Kerm Helmer
Collegiate Fever


Kerm Helmer
August 26, 2000

by Kerm Helmer

Unsettled Summer

College Bowling USA much like the weather in the Northeast was unsettled over the summer. While most days were a mix of sun and clouds, there were some heavy thunderstorms and some clear sunny days.

The summer began with the ABC/WIBC Collegiate Committee meeting in June. College Bowling Director Diane Olson announced the Ohio State Buckeye Invitational had been discontinued. The Buckeye, directed by former Ohio State player and coach Al Sowards was regarded as one of Collegiate Bowling premier events and a mainstay on the schedule for many seasons. The absence of the Buckeye on the schedule for the coming season left only 8 Tier One events on the schedule. The committee approved Director Olson’s suggestion to elevate the Notre Dame Blue and Gold Invitational to Tier One status. The committee also approved two stipulations for an event to hold Tier One status. (A) All Tier One event Directors must agree to admit all College “A” Teams before they can accept any College “B” teams and (B) In the event a college is allowed to enter more than one team in either the Men’s or Women’s Division, the college shall be eligible to receive only one Team Scholarship Award. For example if Erie C.C. was allowed to enter two men’s teams into a Tier One Event and the event was giving Team Scholarships for the Top 8 and Erie C.C. finished 3rd and 7th, they would just receive the award for third. The seventh place award would go to the next team on the list.

Two years ago when the ABC/WIBC Collegiate Committee was reorganized it was agreed the Chairmanship of the Committee should rotate between the two organizations. I had the pleasure of chairing the Committee as a representative of ABC the first two years. During the June Meeting WIBC National Director Sue Kresge was elected to Chair for the coming two seasons.

Two weeks following the Committee Meeting a thunderstorm hit with the WIBC announcement Sue Kresge had resigned her National Directorship . The resignation from the National Board also meant Sue would not be returning to the Collegiate Committee. Forget the fact Sue was to assume the Chairmanship, just losing an individual of her character and ability on the committee is a blow. Ask any ABC, WIBC, or BPAA Director to ever serve on the committee and if honest, they will tell you it takes two to three years on the committee to get up to speed and feel at ease. With the anouncement, there is no concern with her replacement as Chair. Cissie Bryant has served on the Committee for the past two years and is up to the task. The concern is whom will WIBC President Joyce Dietch appoint to join Cissie as a WIBC Representative. The good news is Joyce is well aware of the committee and its function. The not so good news is to my knowledge there are very few WIBC Directors with backgrounds in Collegiate Bowling. First Vice President Elaine Hagin a long time member of the committee and one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the country on collegiate bowling and Teresa Abair a WIBC Director at Large definitely has the knowledge, but unfortunately I believe their time is already at a premium and wouldn’t be considered.

A second storm hit with the announcement the Team USA Championships are scheduled to be held the same corresponding dates in December as the two Las Vegas Collegiate Invitational events. How and why this happened takes some imagination. The bottom line is many collegiate teams will either enter the Collegiate events without some of their best players or they will elect not to participate at all in the events and both are Tier One events.

The weather didn’t get much better with the ABC/WIBC announcement they were cutting the funding of the ACUI national championships from thirty-five thousand to twenty thousand dollars. ABC also announced with that the moving of the Master’s Tournament from the second week in May, ACUI would not have the lanes available for the tournament scheduled times requested normally available during the Master’s event. ACUI will accept the WIBC offer to hold the National Championships on their Championship lanes in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida the second weekend in May and at the scheduled times requested. The one question remaining is whether ACUI will be able to fund 24 men and 24 women to the National event or will it be necessary to cut the field to 16 men and 16 women. ACUI Secretary Treasurer Rollie Hughes and ACUI Chairman Jeff Davis hold the answer to this question and are working on it now.


This article originally appeared in Spares & Strikes, a bowling newspaper serving the Greater Buffalo/  Western New York Area. It is reprinted here with the permission of the author.