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Sunday, September 25, 2022


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by Kerm Helmer
Collegiate Fever


Kerm Helmer
February 6, 1999

by Kerm Helmer

Diane Olson Named ABC/WIBC Colleiate Manager

The American Bowling Congress and Women’s International Bowling Congress recently announced the appointment of Diane Olson to the position of ABC/WIBC Collegiate manager. Diane has been employed within Bowling Headquarters for the past six years. She originally came aboard in the YABA and most recently held the position of Team Leader for the Tournament and Events area of Bowling Inc. shared services.

I know for a fact there were at least two other applicants the Bowling Coaches would not have been disappointed if their names came across the wire. I personally believe Collegiate Bowling fortunately was in a "no lose" position offering the post to any of the three and having them accept. Each would have brought a little something different to the table, but bottom line all three have Collegiate Bowling at heart and would have made every effort to get the right job done.

The appointment of Diane may be the best move under the circumstances. One reason at mid season, the transition is easy. Two, Diane was already appointed by shared services as the point person from headquarters for the 1999 Championships. Three, there are some very important issues facing Intercollegiate Bowling and Diane’s involvement over the past 6 years will bring experience to the table. On a personal note, I have had the opportunity to work with Diane over the past six years and one thing is solid, she says what she’s thinking and if you want to be nice, she will be nice, but if you want to start slinging mud you better bring a wet suit.

Diane will conduct her first meeting when the ABC/WIBC Collegiate Committee meeting in Greendale, February 12, 13 & 14. Representing ABC will be myself, ABC Exec. Vice President Duncan McPherson, representing WIBC will be Directors Kresge and Cissie Bryant and representing BPAA will be Exec. Director Don Harris. Also invited to attend are Bill Straub, Coach of the Nebraska team and Karl Nickolai the Michigan State Coach and President of the National Collegiate Bowling Coaches Association.

Bill Straub’s attendance is important when the committee addresses the issue of NCAA Bowling for women. Karl Nickolai’s attendance is critical when the committee addresses the format for the 1999 Championships and qualification procedures for 1999-2000. As I have openly said many times, if the committee doesn’t listen to and co-operate with the coaches, then collegiate bowling will suffer greatly..

On the business side, Spring semester eligibility forms are due at National Headquarters by Feb.10th. Also due are applications to enter the March scheduled National Qualifiers. Every season a team forgets to comply with one or the other requirements and the individual team members end up suffering.

How about former Erie C.C. women’s bowler Jody Ellis being selected as the PWBA Associations Rookie of the Year and former Erie C.C. and Arizona State player Joe Ciccone finishing second in the Samstown Eliminator for a cold $50,000. I may be somewhat prejudiced, but their just rewards couldn’t have happened to two better individuals. Jody is all set to begin her second season on the women’s tour and Joe is finishing up his Bachelor’s Degree and expecting to attend the PBA school this coming summer. Best of Luck to Both.


This article originally appeared in Spares & Strikes, a bowling newspaper serving the Greater Buffalo/  Western New York Area. It is reprinted here with the permission of the author.