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Sunday, September 25, 2022


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by Kerm Helmer
Collegiate Fever


Kerm Helmer
September 12, 1998

by Kerm Helmer

Whew, What a Summer

In a normal year following the Collegiate Championships, the pace tapers down and by mid June the Collegiate scene and surrounding action is all but dormant until late August. The summer of 1998 never even hit taper. The pace was sometimes bordering on a "Chinese Fire Drill".

The first item to start "off to the races" pace was the announcement ABC and WIBC had voted during their respective National Conventions to place Intercollegiate Bowling under their roof and give it a home. For the past few seasons collegiate bowling has been hanging in mid air. Although ABC, WIBC and YABA remained very supportive both financially and vocally no one had clear responsibility. Following their convention action, the first action taken was to disband the Intercollegiate Oversight Committee and appoint a new ABC/WIBC committee. Appointed were Duncan MacPherson-Executive Vice-President of ABC, Kerm Helmer -Director-at-Large for ABC, Cissy Bryant-WIBC National Director and Sue Kresge-WIBC National Director.

The second task was the decision of ABC and WIBC to pursue the possibility of implementing a Collegiate Manager. A committee including ABC Executive Director Roger Dalkin, WIBC President Joyce Dietch, WIBC Director Tamora Adams and Arizona State Univ. Association Athletic Director Herm Frasier met at Arizona State and developed a job description for the position along with some recommendations for the future direction of Intercollegiate Bowling. It is anticipated a collegiate manager will be come a reality before the first of the next year and maybe as soon as Thanksgiving.

The newly appointed committee along with other representatives of ABC and WIBC will meet in Greendale on Saturday, Oct. 17 to discuss both the collegiate manager position and the future of Intercollegiate Bowling.

Keeping the pace frantic was the very first coaches summit held in Kansas City. A total of 28 coaches selected by the organizing committee of Gordon Vadakin-Wichita, Bill Straub-Nebraska and Ron Holmes-CMSU had expenses paid to meet for three and a half days and discuss Intercollegiate Bowling from A to Z. This long overdue event was worth every minute of time. Although there were some disagreements over issues, the disagreements for the most part were intelligently discussed. Perhaps the single most important action to come out of the summit was a proposal to redesign the qualification procedures for the championships. The proposal would eliminate the current process utilizing during the year automatic berth tournaments and return to a end of the year national Qualifier format. It needs some fine tuning but with the exception of maybe four of the 28 in attendance it was agreed it would be a positive step in stimulating Collegiate Bowling. The summit was made possible by funds budgeted by the former Oversight Committee in last year's Intercollegiate yearly budget.

Just when we were ready to take a deep breath, word trickled out that Brunswick would not be sponsoring the 1999 Intercollegiate Bowling Championships. What will this do to the event? To early to tell-too many questions in the air. Where will it be? Everyone thought it was headed to Wichita-odds are it will, but if there is one thing I learned this summer it was don't stray too far from the phone because and update will be coming your way at any moment.

While all this was going on, two other task forces put into place to address the NCAA women's movement into the sport of bowling was going all out to get answers to questions and plan a direction to attack and hopefully have NCAA colleges select bowling as one of their recognized women's sports.

A lot of pieces of the puzzle were thrown up in the air this summer and a fairly high percentage of them haven't hit the ground yet and the new season is just a few weeks away. This may sound like bad news, but in fact, I believe everything but the Brunswick decision is positive. When the pieces do fall together in the coming months, Intercollegiate Bowling will be headed for a stronger position than it has been in for quite a few seasons.


This article originally appeared in Spares & Strikes, a bowling newspaper serving the Greater Buffalo/  Western New York Area. It is reprinted here with the permission of the author.