The reporting of NCAA only events presents a unique challenge here. Only a small percentage of the NCAA women's bowling programs both certify their members AND verify their athlete eligibility with the USBC Collegiate Division. As a result, NCAA only events often have 1-4 certified/verified NCAA schools in an event field with between 6-20 total schools.

In order to accommodate those schools that comply with USBC rules, I will be including results at this site from any reported NCAA events that have at least 1 school in compliance. At this time of this post, the complying NCAA schools for 2010-2011 include the following:

Adelphi University
Adrian College
Elmhurst College
Kutztown University
Maryland /Univ. of - Eastern Shore
Medaille College
Monmouth University
Penn State Univ. - Altoona
Southern University
SUNY-Institute of Technology
Wisconsin /Univ. of - Whitewater

For an NCAA only event that has at least 1 school in complaince:

EVENT RESULTS: You will find the complete team standings and individual average list for ALL participating NCAA schools and athletes under the events link. This will include schools and athletes that have not certified/verified with USBC Collegiate.

TOP AVERAGE LISTS: The display code for the top average/average differential and rookie lists has been modified. I have re-written it so that athletes from NCAA schools will appear on those lists ONLY if they are in full compliance with the USBC requirements for certification and eligibility verification. Non-complying NCAA athletes will not be displayed in the top average/average differential and rookie lists. This is true even if you select the link to view "ALL PLAYERS" in the top average lists.

TEAMS: The names of schools displayed on the "Teams" page will include all schools (NCAA and non-NCAA) that are listed in any reported tournament results. This includes both complying and non-complying NCAA schools.

PLAYER PROFILES: All athletes (NCAA and non-NCAA) included in the event results at this site will have their statistics included in a player profile. This includes non-complying NCAA schools. For non-complying schools, the athlete profiles can only be accessed from an individual event average list or from the "Teams" link by selecting the school, gender and year of interest. For complying schools, the profiles can also be accessed from the top average/average differential and rookie lists.

POWER RANKING: The power ranking will include the results from any NCAA only events were there is at least 1 certified/verified school participating AND that otherwise meets ALL requirements for being included in the power ranking (event participation minimums and number of games/matches). The non-complying NCAA teams will be treated in the same manner as any school who fails to comply with the USBC Collegiate filing requirements. They will receive no power points for the event, but will not be removed from the standings. The power points for other schools will not be recalculated.

The term "non-complying" as used here means 1) a failure to certify a school and/or athlete membership or 2) a failure to verifiy eligibility with USBC Collegiate. An "ineligible" athlete is an athlete in violation of a particular eligibility rule (e.g. GPA, credit hours, transfer, etc.) and is a different situation. It is not my intention to report the results from participation by any ineligible athlete at this site.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns concerning the reporting of NCAA results at this site.

Thank you,