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I am again accepting athlete photos for addition to the player profiles. There are already 82 online for the current 2010-2011 season. I would like to thank those individuals from Wright State, Michigan State, Youngstown State, Adrian, Illinois State (partial), and R.Morris-Illinois (individual) who sent the athlete photos without my even asking.

When an athlete photo is added to a current player profile, it is automatically added to the randomized player profile queue that is displayed in several areas at this site. Those are the athlete photos you see in the upper right hand corner of several site pages.

If you would like to cycle through some of the those photos at random, start on one of the main website pages (e.g. homepage), and simply refresh the page with the [F5] key. The randomization of the queue is reset on each page load, so it is possible for the same profile to appear consecutively.


If you would like an athlete photo added to your player profile or to the athlete profiles for your school, I can quickly do so if you assist me with this process. For each athlete photo you would like me to add to a profile, I need an athlete head shot in color jpg image format sized at 80 x 100 pixels and named in the following manner "LastnameFirstname-School.jpg". For example, a photo of John Doe from Somewhere University should be named "DoeJohn-Somewhere.jpg".

You can email the photos as file attachments to the "contact us" link at the bottom of this page. You may optionally also include in the email the hometown (city,state or city,country) and class year (freshman, sophomore, etc ..) if you would like me to include that on the athlete profile.