The MCCC Huskies welcome the teams of the AHIBC to Monroe, MI and Nortel Lanes. The patterns promise to challenge the talents of the 66 teams entered and the city of Monroe is welcoming the collegiate athletes with open arms. Team coaches and contacts have been emailed a flyer that includes special room rates and host hotel information as well as discounts at local restaurants. Please be sure that this flyer is printed out and copies brought with you. We are eagerly looking forward to the event. Please email to should you have any questions.

There will also be a TRIO BAKER tournament for the first 24 teams entered on Friday evening at 7pm. $50 per team entry. Team to be comprised of collegiates, family, coaches with at LEAST ONE FEMALE on the 3 bowler team. 10 Baker Game qualifier then cut to Top 6 for match play. $350 to win and pays 4 places.
6 bowlers per pair so it will move quickly. FUN format as your lead off is also your 10th frame bowler!

Kevin Greer

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