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In anticipation of the 2011-2012 USBC Collegiate rule change concerning varsity-junior varsity divisions, I am transitioning the website to display event results in the new format.

Starting next season, schools entering multiple teams in an event will be required to designate a varsity teams BEFORE the event begins. At the conclusion of an event, there will be two sets of team standings: varsity and junior varsity. The varsity team standings will include ONLY the designated varsity teams, while the junior varsity standings will included all other teams from a school (i.e. any "B" and "C" teams). The individual average lists will not change from the current practice. ALL athletes participating in the event will be listed in a single individual average list for that event.

For this season, because schools do not yet have to designate the varsity team before an event starts, the highest finishing team from a school with multiple teams in an event will be listed in the varsity standings. All lower finishing teams from that school will be listed in the junior varsity standings.

The display of team standings in varsity-junior varsity divisions has required a significant change in some of the code used at this site to generate event results. At the present time, you can access the varsity team standings from:

1) the "Events" link page,
2) the team standings page for a particular event, or
3) the individual average pages for a particular event.

At the present time, you can access the junior varsity team standings ONLY from a team standings page for the event. The link for junior varsity team standings will be available from the left side navigation links. If the link is not active, that means there was no junior varsity division for that event (i.e. no "B" or "C" teams participated). I will try to add junior varsity team standings links to the individual average pages sometime in the near future.

Please let me know if you have any problems with any of the pages at this site, or have any questions. You can use the contact us link at the bottom of this page.