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#6207 - 02/26/09 09:43 AM Re: Predictions [Re: LarryB]
tgp3 Offline
forum member

Registered: 05/16/07
Posts: 45

This section to me hinges a lot on how the left plays, with RIT, Berks, and Pikeville all having more than one typically playing for them at any given time. If the left looks good...I pick

Willy P
Webber/Berks (too close to call)

If the left looks bad...
RIT (Vick is so good it doesn't matter)
Willy P
RMU/St. Johns (I have to pick ourselves...right?)

Just Missing: My gut tells me its gonna be Berks on the outside looking in. But if the left is good that could all change.

Chattanooga (Holy Crap this place is wide open)

Just Missing: RMC. Ordinarily I'd pick these guys to get out of any of the other sections, just a tough luck draw this year.

Fairview Heights

Just missing: I think it's gonna be Whitewater here. Schalow will get that team close.

Vegas (Another one that is very close to call)

Just Missing: ASU. Could be interesting, but I think Lindenwood still has enough talent with Dole and Brett to get into nationals.

Should be an interesting weekend across the board. Good Luck to Everyone!

#6209 - 02/26/09 11:27 AM Re: Predictions [Re: tgp3]
MoHeadBowler Offline
forum member

Registered: 11/23/08
Posts: 18
My predictions...

1. McKendree
3. Lindenwood
4. North Texas

Fairview Heights:
1. Wichita
2. Newman
3. Calumet
4. Nebraska Omaha

1. Webber
2. RIT
3. William Patterson
4. St. Johns

1. Central Florida
2. Saginaw Valley
3. Morehead State
4. Vincennes

Good luck everybody!

Edited by MoHeadBowler (02/26/09 11:28 AM)
Adam Voth
Morehead State University

#6211 - 02/26/09 12:03 PM Re: Predictions [Re: rymac300]
thatsvsuguy816 Offline
forum member

Registered: 02/26/09
Posts: 3
Loc: Michigan
My predictions:


Webber International
William Paterson


Saginaw Valley
Central Florida

Fairview Heights

Wright State

Las Vegas

Arizona State
Fresno State
Jeremy Dixson
Saginaw Valley State

#6212 - 02/26/09 12:04 PM Re: Predictions [Re: MoHeadBowler]
B-Red Offline
forum member

Registered: 04/10/08
Posts: 27
Alright, after 10 pages of reading I think I'm ready to post my picks... In no particular order, here we go...

1) RIT
2) Willy P
3) Pikeville
4) St. John's
Underdog: Webber

1) Saginaw
2) UCF
3) Purdue
4) Vincennes
Underdog: Robert Morris

Fairview Heights: (tough to pick)
1) Wichita
2) Newman
3) Calumet
4) UNO
Underdog: Kansas

Las Vegas:
1) McKendree
2) Lindenwood
3) Fresno
Underdogs: UNT/West Texas

And now, my reasoning (not that it really matters, I guess I just like to hear myself talk)...

1) RIT: They have Dan Vick...enough said.
2) Willy P: Solid group of guys here. They'll grind it out and pull through.
3) Pikeville: Can't ever count these guys out.
4) St. John's: When they're hot, they're hot. Adam Chase has a look on anything, and I think his team's about to follow him and get hot at the right time.
5) Webber: Great players, great coaching, but will the young team be able to pull through?

1) Saginaw: 4 letters... DMAC
2) UCF: Awesome team. High energy and the drive and determination to go along with it. They'll pull through for sure.
3) Purdue: Very tough team. They can grind it out when it's tough and blow up when the lanes open. Can't count them out.
4) Vincennes: Another tough team. I think they can do it.
5) Robert Morris: Yet again, another solid team. Do they have what it takes to take over one of the last two spots?

Fairview Heights:
1) Wichita: They're just that good
2) Newman: Tough to beat and they've proven it.
3) Calumet: If they can keep their heads in it they'll make it for sure.
4) UNO: Phenomenal Baker team. I think they have what it takes.
5) Kansas: I was impressed with them at the Hoosier. But can they step up when it counts and bring the heat in the toughest section?

Las Vegas
1) McKendree: Solid talent and tough to beat. J.R. will pave the way and his team will follow.
2) Lindenwood: Even though they're short-handed they're still pretty deep. I'm not countin these guys out just yet. Dole, Brett, and Brad Miller will step up for sure.
3) Fresno: Another good Baker team. I never count these guys out of anything.
4) UNLV: (gotta pick my own team, right?) One guy from last years team red shirted a year, but we brought on some tough young talent. We'll compete.
5) UNT/West Texas: Couple underrated teams here. The guys can play. Can they back up the talk from earlier this season? This is the most open section, so anything can happen.

There ya have it...

DISCLAIMER: I apologize if I offended anyone by stating my opinion. I mean no harm or disrespect to anybody.

Best of luck to everybody!

Edited by B-Red (02/26/09 12:06 PM)
- Brandon Allred

UNLV Bowling Team

K&K Bowling Services

#6218 - 02/26/09 03:44 PM Re: Predictions [Re: B-Red]
wtbuff Offline
forum member

Registered: 02/24/09
Posts: 21
I hope you don't think we were talkin trash because I'll be the first one to admit that we sucked early in the season lol!! Those rants were hilarious, I'm glad josh apologized because we don't need Mckendree coming into the sectional with anymore fire power lol. I just hope we can come in and bowl how we know we can. And to say that Vegas is easy-breezy if I have the quote right is unfair. Like I said earlier in this thread we haven't gotten the exposure. We have some badass teams out here and I would put UNLV and Fresno up against anybody in the east to be honest, hell I'd put my team up against ya'll and we may lose but I know we'd give everybody a hell of a run. Yeah some teams got a bad draw and ended up in ridiculous sectionals, but we're in sectionals for a reason and if everyone bowls how they know they can then any team in any sectional could win. As for JR, I know our team and you have had our problems but we don't hold anything against you man, I think the fact that you're confident pisses alot of people off because you have a swagger and carry yourself with confidence and I hope you don't let somebody take that away from you because I can see that your team feeds off that. Good luck to everybody and I hope that any more comments on here don't make people too butt-hurt.
#6223 - 02/26/09 10:46 PM Re: Predictions [Re: wtbuff]
Grundke27 Offline
forum member

Registered: 02/20/07
Posts: 70
Loc: Rochester, NY
How bout someone give some insight on the the women's side might play out...haha....
*Heather Grundke*
Lindenwood University

#6225 - 02/26/09 11:10 PM Re: Predictions [Re: rymac300]
Wicked42 Offline
forum member

Registered: 02/26/09
Posts: 5
Here's my predictions


Webber -- I'm sick of seeing the no experience... They would be top 5 if they bowled more tournaments... They Are winning this sectional!

Robert Morris-- they might not be Robert Morris from Illinois but they are Robert Morris... And they got tim so yeah they r gettin through

St Johns -- the best east coast team hands down... They know how to make it happen

Pikeville-- nothing has to be said for them... They are good and they know it so get it done


Vincennes-- Gary sparks knows how to build a team... These guys made a run at the Hoosier and are strong in bakers

Morehead-- I mean seriously who doesn't want more of that... No but really yum yum get you some

Saginaw valley-- so who cares if they lost toby.. They are Saginaw valley... And plus they have dan...

Robert Morris -- these guys can bowl and they proved it at the Hoosier!! Do work guys!

Fairview heights

WSU-- they will obviously make it through... I mean come on... They should just say take a month and a half off and we'll see you in Rockford.

Newman-- all I have to say is two words.. derek hartnell

Omaha-- they are great grinders.. They will have no problem beating everyone else except wsu and Newman

Lincoln-- they are going I mean look at what they did at the Hoosier... They so should have won

Las vegas

Lindenwood-- who cares if dean is gone... They are still good!!

Mckendree-- two initials raymond ... And yes we all know you guys aren't done yet

Fresno-- they are solid and get it done..

Unlv-- this team will def be fourth here because no one else will be close to the other three

So if This actually happens... Rockford is gonna be amazing!

Edited by Wicked42 (02/26/09 11:20 PM)

#6257 - 03/02/09 01:37 PM Re: Predictions [Re: Wicked42]
deuirej Offline
forum member

Registered: 10/16/07
Posts: 165
Loc: Kingston, NY
ill give my picks for the east..

Willy P

other teams that have a slim chance...
Penn St. Berks-celmer has to be on both days..seems like they lost there mojo
St. Johns - lost there lefty after the first semester which hurts the team a lot.. Mcauliffe and Chase will have to strike A LOT...
WPU - C. Forry..The best in the business

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