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#1995 - 03/31/07 01:48 PM Nationals
djsWPU Offline
forum member

Registered: 03/28/07
Posts: 3
I'll be honest I'm getting tired of reading stupid posts and people making fun of people and things, the field is set so who cares what happened in the I figured lets start something new...

I'm looking for people to give some educated opinions on what they think Nationals will turn out like. No bashing just who they think will contend, what sleeper teams will surprise people, and why. Let's get a change of pace on this forum, and lets see if people can stick to the topic and not completely change the subject.

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#1997 - 03/31/07 02:58 PM Re: Nationals [Re: djsWPU]
HB25 Offline
forum member

Registered: 01/05/07
Posts: 39
Loc: AZ for school, but OH is my ho...
I completely agree djs. My point is short but direct.

It's no surprise that Fresno State was the only team to go PLUS for the entire 64 games of qualifying, which speaks volumes of their chemistry and raw ability to make great shots game

Sorry for not offering any huge underdogs or sleepers for the National Title, and no offense to the other great programs out there, but the smart bet has to be Fresno
Brian Makan
ASU Senior

"2 hands. . . 1 ball. . . Something doesn't add up here"

#1999 - 03/31/07 06:17 PM Re: Nationals [Re: HB25]
UMustBeCarrying Offline
forum member

Registered: 01/31/07
Posts: 4
At this level of collegiate bowling, you can honestly give about any of the 16 teams involved in the ITC a realistic shot at winning. A team can have all the physical talent in the world and lack the mental ability to win. If the ITCs were over after the 64 games of qualifying then you could give about 3-5 teams a shot at winning, but that isn't the case. In the match play format and single elimination TV finals, how well and technically sound your 5-8 players are is thrown out of the window. The talent of your lineup is not indicative of how well they will throw shots and make sound decisions under the pressure of a match game. With that being said, the teams that have been winning all year like your Saginaw Valley's, Fresno's, Lindenwood, WPU, and Witchita's have the best odds, but in a best of 7 match and not knowing who and what will be affected by transition no one really has the edge over the other. It's almost like predicting who is going to win a tour stop the week before qualifying. You know there's going to be certain players at the top, but it's just about impossible to make a "smart bet".

I know I probaly rambled off in circles, but from a sentimental standpoint I'd love to see SJU, WPU, or SVSU take the cup just because I love what they do with their programs and the level of passion their players perform at.

Good luck to all of the participants!

-DJ Marshall

#2000 - 03/31/07 08:26 PM Re: Nationals [Re: UMustBeCarrying]
KISS Offline
forum member

Registered: 03/30/07
Posts: 8
why dont you go cry me a river djsWPU and HB25.....I will stand by my criticism and you can take it or leave it....But for my picks for the final 2 will be Sag Nasty and L-wood cause we all know how badass DMAC/JR and Shea/Dole are....they is unstopable....
#2001 - 04/01/07 01:11 AM Re: Nationals [Re: KISS]
Pasty3300 Offline
forum member

Registered: 03/26/07
Posts: 1
Anything can happen...teams like saginaw, fresno, lwood, and wichita will prolly be the favorites...but as u see in many sports momentum is lookin for one of the sectional winners to take it.

-Kyle Logan
soph @ SJU

#2004 - 04/01/07 06:34 PM Re: Nationals [Re: ]
town Offline
forum member

Registered: 12/10/06
Posts: 69
First off...the obvious congrats needs to go out to the teams that bowled well and made it to nationals. Congrats across the nation to anyone and everyone to make it.

Second...just my two cents, but i was very impressed with UNLV...They bowled incredible on the fresh and not to bad on the break down either. To see their anchor, Cayson, go out because of the ball rule was a bummer but was impressive to me was to see nathan take the team and anchor for the second day and keep them in it. They made shots, grinded out some bad games, just unfortunately fell a bit short. It seems like there are alot of teams out there that would give up and throw in the towel after their senior (i think he is a senior) anchor got DQ'd but they keep going at it until the very last block until West Texas made their lead unreachable.

see everyone in nationals.
Ryan Council
LU 05-09

#2006 - 04/01/07 11:51 PM Re: Nationals [Re: town]
Hoku Offline
forum member

Registered: 01/04/07
Posts: 53
Loc: Gurnee, IL
On the Men's side, i think sag will def be up there (duh!) Lindenwood, central florida and st johns...i wouldnt put it past them either... but im a bit biased... so id have to stick wit sag goin for a back to back \:\)

on the women's side... the lindenwood women have been bowlin pretty solid all year..i can see them up there... but at the same time... just our of our sectional..i can see central florida and even pikeville in the runnin for the tv finals.
"The Flyin' Hawaiian"
Robert Morris College us your cannon!!

#2023 - 04/02/07 04:03 PM Re: Nationals [Re: Hoku]
LUcaptain Offline
forum member

Registered: 04/02/07
Posts: 4
It's nice to finally hear someone actually cheering for the returning National Championship team. Thanks!
#2029 - 04/03/07 09:07 AM Re: Nationals [Re: LUcaptain]
DMAC Offline
forum member

Registered: 12/08/06
Posts: 327
Loc: Saginaw, MI
well jen i'm rooting for your team to i hope you guys win it all again this year i have watch most of the womens teams this year besides Fresno and you ladies are just flat out good. Hope you ladies bring it home once more !!!!!
Dan MacLelland
Saginaw Valley State University
"The Canadian"

#2039 - 04/03/07 09:26 PM Re: Nationals [Re: ]
Donahue Offline
forum member

Registered: 02/04/07
Posts: 5
Loc: St. Louis, MO
Conflict of interest?? never...

Jen D

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