Let me preface my question with the following data.

2016-2017 Collegiate Rule Book:
Regarding Bowling Equipment Rule 501 states that all equipment must meet USBC specifications.

2016-20017 USBC Playing Rules:
Chapter 8 Equipment Specifications
Bowling Balls

6. Holes
a. Holes or indentations for gripping purposes shall not exceed five and shall be limited to one for each finger and one for the thumb, all for the same hand. The player is not required to use all finger holes in any specific delivery; but must be able to demonstrate, with the same hand, that each gripping hole can be simultaneously used for gripping purposes.

Earlier this year one of my collegiate athletes injured her ring finger during competition.

In order for her to continue bowling a decision was made to add a hole for her pinkie finger to her existing grip to help support the injured ring finger.

Therefore, she now has four holes for gripping purposes in her ball (one less than the allowed amount of 5).

b.One hole for balance purposes.

Yes, some of her equipment has an additional balance hole, as permitted by paragraph B.

Earlier this year she sent me a text from a tournament site……her college coach told her that her equipment was illegal and she wouldn’t be able to bowl.

I contacted another coach at the tournament site and he graciously explained to her coach that her equipment is in
fact legal.

Now here we are getting close to sectionals and guess what……….he told her at a tournament last week that there are different rules for sectionals and her equipment is illegal and will have to be plugged before she can compete.

It is my understanding that the rules concerning this issue listed in the Collegiate handbook are still valid.

Has there been a change in equipment specifications that hasn’t been published?