NEW FEATURE: Team Power Points Detail

I have added an exciting new feature to the Power Ranking information displayed at this site. You can now view the power points earned by a team event by event and see the team power ranking calculation through a selected week.

Important Notes:

-- To access a Team Power Points Detail page, click on a team name in the power ranking for the desired week.
-- To view the FULL Team Power Points Detail for a team select the team name from MOST RECENT power ranking.
-- If you select a team name from an earlier power ranking week, it will ONLY show the events through that week.
-- At the present time, this feature is only available for the power ranking for this season and last season. Earlier seasons may be updated in the future to include this as well.

The most recent power rankings can be viewed here:



As this is a new feature, if you have any questions or see any issues with the displayed information, please let me know right away.

Thank you,