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Monday, September 26, 2022


NEW | Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where do you get the player names from that are listed at
2. How do I correct/change my player name at

1. Where do you get the player names from that are listed at

The player names included at are almost exclusively obtained directly from USBC certified tournament and conference results.

The very first time a particular player name is received at, it is added to master player database and the player is assigned a unique player ID number that is used to track individual player statistics at the website. A player retains the same player ID for all years of participation. This is true for the more than 14,000 players that have participated in college bowling events tracked by this website since 1998.

However, when individual results are received from a tournament or conference they are almost always by player name / school name and not by player ID, so we have to match the player by name to the correct player ID. We have automated this process to the extent possible, but it relies on player names being spelled EXACTLY the same way for each event. We have to inspect each player name individually where a match is not automatically made and manually assign the correct player ID.

For this reason, it is very helpful if your school submits your rosters to events with the exact same spellings every time (i.e. Robert Smith will not match Bob Smith, Rob Smith, Robby Smith or Robert A. Smith). It is also helpful if you check that the tournament director has correctly entered your player name in the event results being tracked at the tournament site. If your player name in individual results posted at tournament site is incorrect, it will probably also be true in the information we receive after the event.

In a few cases, the spelling of a player name may incorrectly cause a second player ID to be assigned. This typically happens with transfer students, when the name is spelled slightly different at the second school. If you see a player listed in the "rookie" average lists that is not a "rookie" (i.e. not a first year player), that is almost always what happened.

If you see such a problem, please contact us at nickolaiNOSPAM @ (remove "NOSPAM" and all spaces), and we will correct the problem.

2. How do I correct/change my player name at

If a player name is incorrectly spelled in one place at, it is almost always incorrectly spelled in the master player database. That means it will be incorrectly spelled in the same manner EVERYWHERE, e.g. on the player profile, in the individual tournament results, and in the player average lists.

In order to make certain we are not changing a correctly spelled name, we only make spelling changes in the master player database when advised of the problem by either 1) the player, or 2) by some with knowledge of the correct spelling, such as a coach, a teammate or a parent. We do not use tournament results to correct player name spelling issues, as we may be changing a correct spelling to an incorrect one.

If your player name is spelled incorrectly, or you would prefer an alternate variation of your first name to appear on this site (e.g. Bob instead or Robert, or Jennifer instead of Jenny), please contact us at nickolaiNOSPAM @ (remove "NOSPAM" and all spaces). Please include "SPELLING CORRECTION" in the subject line. We will attempt to make the corrections with the next site update.